We can end cancer with research

Our amazing cancer research supportersAdvances in cancer research have the power to change the lives of cancer patients and their families. Your generosity funds technology to fast-track discoveries that help patients with all types of cancer.

Since 1984, we have awarded AUD $136.8 million to world-class cancer research projects.

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“From my experience I learned just how vital cancer research is and how significantly it impacts current patient treatments.

I’m a walking testimony to the progress researchers are making.”

Pamela Kirby supports cancer research because she has seen the life-saving benefits first-hand.

Her cancer journey started in September 2010, when she was first diagnosed with bowel cancer. It was during the treatment process that she was also diagnosed with stage 1 primary lung cancer and within a few weeks Pamela was back in surgery for a major lung cancer operation.

Unfortunately, the bad news continued and in 2013 three more lesions were discovered on Pamela’s lung. By May 2014 she had suffered a major seizure and developed secondary brain cancer that had spread from the lungs.

“I am so thankful for my highly skilled oncologist and his team. Using the treatment options and testing resources cancer research has made available to them, they were able to learn more about my cancer, find out which treatments would work best for me and help manage some of the unbearable side-effects.”

Whilst undergoing treatment Pamela wanted to inspire others affected by cancer and decided to organise a fundraising event to help contribute towards cancer research. The Ladies Night Out at her local bowling club raised close to $4000 for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

“Cancer has been a challenge from day one, but it has been really empowering to fight this battle. I believe I am much stronger now. After five years of intensive treatment and lengthy hospital stays, the prognosis is looking good for me and I’m feeling much better. I still need to get scans every three months, which is stressful as waiting for the results is always a torment.”

“I believe remaining positive has really helped me on this journey and I am thankful to have been supported by my wonderful friends and family and a highly skilled medical team.”

ACRF supporter Pamela Kirby